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Chris Carrier

Paris, France

House, Tech House

Act Natural Records, Adult Only, Animo Records
Chris Carrier Beatport

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There are two kinds of DJs: those whose goal is to make a name for themselves and those whose goal is to make music – and let the rest follow. Parisian Chris Carrier is among the latter. For more than a dozen years he’s been an underground icon, churning out more than one hundred records and remixes for a host of labels. Too busy working to chase a spot in the limelight, Carrier is nevertheless rightly revered as one of the most gifted, prolific producers on the dance scene. Refusing to restrict his output to one genre or one school of thought, Carrier has dabbled freely in everything from house to hip hop, drum ’n’bass to minimal, techno to electro. Most DJ shave one label – if at all – but Chris is so restlessly creative he’s founded a whole fistful of labels over the course of his career, including the renowned Adult Only imprint, Chronobrain, Combustible, Taka, X86 and Direct Art. He has also worked under more than a fifteen aliases. However, youthful notions of being a baker (“I like cakes,” he says) lost out to music when he discovered the early 90s techno rave scene and began to DJ. Driven to be the master of his musical destiny, Chris quickly learned to produce and created pioneering techno outlet Chronobrain with Guillaume La Tortue. For seven-odd years Chris devoted himself the label, and its offshoots including house-oriented Taka and drum ‘n’ bass imprint X86.However, his love for rave culture led him back towards more purely creative work. From 2003 onwards Chris has founded new labels Adult Only and Catwash, as well as bringing his vision to Get Physical, Crack & Speed, Brique Rouge, Robsoul, Kill Brique and – most recently – Freak n’ Chic. This has put the underground star firmly in the forefront of the new French electronic movement, bringing his diverse style to the sexy, deep, techy house vibes that dominate the scene. Chris is more sought-after than ever for his DJ skills – he’s penetrated thenotorious US market with gigs in Georgia, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas and Miami. And plays in Europe’s clubbing capitals: London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam and Milan, to name a few. Look out for his gigs, and Chris’s forthcoming remix of Matthew Dear’s Dog Days – the first of many exciting projects for this unique artist in 2008. DISCO : 2010 Robsoul / Motel connection, P-weeks. Minority Robsoul /Album Gosse de Paris OFF / Jeudi EP 2009 Remix : Motel Connection All inn / Rills Thirty one Tweenty / Gavin Herlihy Catwash Hors Serie 01 / Pixie in the Fridge / Miss Jools Objazz 02 / Butangoy / Felipe Venegas Bass Culture 02 / Mon Amour / Alex Picone OFF 09 / Snake Seven / Luca Doobie, Andre Crom Readymade Digi 01 / Chord Wave / Vernon Polyphonics / Animal House / C-Rock Esperanza / Soul Central 1 / Kasper Nervous records / Every Now And Then / Ralph Falcon Hypercolour Digi 04 / Caballo / Mirco Violi Original : Silver Network / Chakka “Jef K” Silver Network / I’m in Love Today , Morning “Jef.k” Kallash 18 / The Diagonal Infinity EP Robsoul 74 / Harlem Square Club EP Sushitech Purple 10 / Mirage Eklo 07.2 / Hooosss Robsoul 69 / Living Here EP 2007 -Robsoul 51 : Saudade EP -Kill Brique : Rambling House Remix by Mazzi -Adult Only 28 : New Phase -Freak N’ Chic : A Flauta Encantada -Remix Minority Music -Adult Only 29 : Super Body “Catwash” -Adult Only 30 : Tumble Blur “Dan Ghenacia” -Felinephonix Music : On My Knees 2006 : -Missive 032 : My Body’s Burnin’ up Remix -Fcommunications : Sao Paris Ria Remix -Hypnotic : Black Flag -Adult Only 27 : The Incredible Edible -Adult Only 26 : Kunf Fu Grip -Robsoul 45 : Sorry James -Crack&Speed 16 : Robots 2006 EP -Crack&Speed 15 : Perversions EP “Catwash” -HY:BR 1 : Tendo “Catwash” -Catwash 06 : Lipstick “Catwash” -Catwash 04 : Touch me “Catwash” -Utensil : Masterbeater tripwire Remix -Brique Rouge 51 : Shake it Again Remix “catwash” 2005 : -Robsoul 35 : Toe Jam Feat Rachel Modest Waiting Remix -Promo Limited : Marmion Schoneberg 2005 remix -Robsoul 31 : Klub Connection Hazel Remix “Fries&Bridges” -Adult Only 25 : Help Yourself Vol 3 “E-Troneek Funk” -Robsoul 32 : Real Juice EP “with Hector Moralez” -Robsoul 36 : Words of Wisdom EP -Br Traxx : Petites bières entre amis EP -Robsoul LTD 02 : Acid Anonymous vol 1 -E-Troneek Music 03 : Help yourself Vol2 “E-Troneek Funk” -Adult Only 24 : Method to the Madness “Phil Weeks” -Adult Only 23 : Easy Download -Crack&Speed 11 : The Fly in the Machine EP “Silver Haze” -Catwash 03 : Mohake Dreams " Catwash" -Catwash 02 : Acid Enema “Catwash” -Catwash 01 : Pep a cat up -Crack&Speed 10 : The Paris EP Vol2 -Detour 021 : Sugafoot “Tony Hewitt, Hector Moralez”,Remix by Hipp-e 2004 -LowDown 027 : The Truth Remix “Hector Moralez” -Minority Music 003 : Latin Balance -Adult Only 22 : Marches, "Guillaume la Tortue/ We don’t play “Phil Weeks” and Catwash “catwash”. -Get Physical : Full Body Workout “Catwash” -Crack &Speed 05 : The Paris EP " Guillaume la Tortue" -Nightshift 021 : Who is this “Hector Moralez” 2003 -Robsoul 21 : School of Acid “Hector Moralez” -Detour : Kiko EP “Catwash” -Lord of Sound : Stark Miller "Silver Haze " Remix