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Chris Bushnell

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Some try to force their breakthrough; others simply do their thing. Chris Bushnell can safely say he did it his way. This young producer/DJ’s ascent can be attributed to a genuine desire to innovate—an attitude that seems to be shared by all in the city he once called home. In the last few years, Orlando has produced a handful of rising young talents including Dallask, Henry Fong, Milo & Otis, NYMZ, Meaux Green and BIG MAKK to name a few. Coming up alongside these guys, Chris has seen first hand what it takes to reach that next level, and now he’s forging a path of his own. His original production work combined with his distinctive high-energy, feel-good sets have caught the attention of artists and industry tastemakers alike. And now, following his recent move to L.A., Chris’ presence is being felt on a much larger scale.

Whether it’s through his music or his live shows, Chris has always opted for that which reflects his own tastes rather than the fashion of the times. It’s this attitude that has propelled him thus far in his young career and will continue to drive him further for many years to come.

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