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Dj Chilli started his Dj career in 1998 and began to produce in 2002. In 2002 he was even nominated by the Swiss party people for the “Best National Newcomer Dance Award”. His first record “Break Out (Release Me)” was released in 2003 with two remixes of the well-known artists and friends Wavetraxx (Chris Menzi) and Max B. Grant (Massimo Briganti). After joining Umberto Cea at Q-Lab, Chilli released his second record “Freedom – Feel Free” on Tatana`s label Sirup Records with a powerful Oliver Klitzing remix. This year he was nominated for the “Best Dj National Extraaward” and he got the 1st place. Together with Umberto and Xsonic he did great remix work for the Nautilus Hymn 2004 “GREY & FROST Meets Xsonic – What Is Your Pleasure”, released on Torpedo Records.

Johannes also did a lot of promoting activities with his brand “Fluicide Productions”. Booking management, s`Beach Club, Cyberdance, The Club Party, Street Parade at Carlton, Snow Parade and Dancemania were his most important experiences.

Bookings in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Serbia and finally at Nature One in Germany show that this 24-year-old peaceful man really is dedicated to music. “I hope that you enjoy the music and stay tuned…”