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Although he wasn’t to keen on it as a youth, Eric grew up playing the piano and cello.

Never did he imagine that someday it would help shape his career.

He was first introduced to House Music in the early 2000s, attending clubs in New York

like Exit, Arc, and Sound Factory. One night at Arc for Danny Tenaglia’s “Be Yourself”

party was all it took to set him on the path to become a DJ.

Spending the most of that decade learning the art of beatmatching and mixing with

vinyl, he eventually started to gain attention from local promoters. In 2007, under

the name Cheric, he landed his first residency at Rebel NYC. A year later, he went

on to become a resident for, which eventually led to

his first big break in 2010 with the Groove Cruise Miami. 2010 was also the year

he decided he wanted to produce music and not just play it.

While learning how to produce, he created a group called Static & Bass with a

childhood friend and Trance DJ. The duo went on to become residents at

Pacha NYC, and in 2013 they won the Discovery Project and were invited to

play their first festival, EDC NY. Since then he has played at Electric Zoo twice

and will be making his return again this year. He also had the pleasure of

opening for Armin Van Buuren at the Brooklyn Mirage this past summer.

During a recent trip to Europe, Cheric finally met Cinematique label owner

Robin De Lange in person and is newly inspired by Robin’s words:

“You don’t sound like anyone else; you are very unique.”

Check out Cheric’s most recent EP on Cinematique

entitled “Apparitions.”