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Chemical Noize

Cape Town, South Africa

Hardcore / Hard Techno

EML Recordings
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Chemical Noize first grew a love and passion for dance music in the early 90’s. From an early age he explored various types of electronica ranging from Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Drum & Bass, House and eventually stumbling upon European Hard Trance. From this moment on, nothing else mattered for Chemical Noize, as he had found his calling – to dominate the world with hard bass and uplifting melodies.

It was only a matter of time before the dance scene needed something harder, and in 99/2000 along came Hardstyle, the bridge between Hardcore Gabber [His favorite sub genre] and Hard German Trance [His other favorite sub genre]. This grabbed all of Chemical’s attention and with all his might and energy he sought out only the finest and hardest of this new genre of music which continues to this day.

From humble beginnings in the late 90’s using Acid, Ejay and a ton of samples, Chemical began to understand the basics of dance music and started putting simple beats and melodies together, always with a hard edge. Once he had started producing, the idea of mixing 2 songs into each other followed naturally, and thus began his DJíng career.

Chemical Noize has spent several years mastering his unique technique and skills, teaching himself how to mix on all formats, including turntables, CDJ’s and PC Mixing. In order to fully understand music, he took piano lessons at age 16 for 2 years, followed by 2 years of technical training on sound equipment. He now runs a DJ School, when not in the studio.

Chemical Noize has played at various event’s, ranging from small house parties – in his home town of Ladysmith, South Africa -to rocking it with the likes of BK (UK), Guyver (UK), Phil York (UK), Dark By Design (UK) and the Queen of Hard Dance, Lisa Lashes (UK); as well as locally acclaimed Hard House DJ’s Sam Boylan (SA), James G (ESP – SA), Eddy Virgo (TRUTH – SA). Most of these fantastic experiences were made possible when he formed a duo with his partner on the decks, SimSez (SA).

In March 2010 he was signed to EML RECORDINGS in the UK. His recently completed début EP

Acousticophobia : The Fear of Noise

will be out soon exclusively on EML RECORDINGS.

One could sum up Chemical Noises’ musical creation’s as a blend between Old-school Hard Euphoric German Trance and Hardstyle backed by the power of Nu-Style Gabber.

Try it, it’s like a BULLET TO THE BRAIN