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He was born Muntean Eugen Manuel a.k.a. Chemars / Manuel M, on March the 16th, the year 1982 in Romania, in the city of Petrosani. Since he was just a little kid he had a special interest in music, but he really started his affair with music in 1997 when he went to his first open air rave and discovered true electronic underground sound.

When he saw all those people enjoying themselves to the live performances of various artists and djs, he knew what he wanted to do.

He found his true vocation sound and started addressing it to a more house connoisseur public including different amounts and influences of jazzy, jackin’, funky, disco, deep, tech underground house from worldwide.

He really got into music production in 2007, when he was indeed sure of his abilities…he signed his first house release with ‘Dustpan recordings’ in 2008, furthermore, this revealed for him a window of opportunity, later signing with other well known labels from the underground house scene including ‘The Factory’, ‘Viva Recordings’, ‘Blockhead recordings, ’Funkfield’, ‘Juiced music’, ‘Funk Mansion’, ‘6th Sense’ to name a few, putting out remixes for artists like ‘Fries & Bridges (Hector Moralez & Phil Weeks)’, ‘Joey Youngman’, ‘Tommy Largo’, ‘Kinky Movement’, ‘Tracy cooper’, ‘Husky’, ‘Latenight society’, ‘Corduroy Mavericks’ and many more.

A few years later, in 2010, he decided to leave his mark and started his own label named ‘Ginkgo Music’. We shall see from now on what the future brings.