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Cheek O Dread

Bangalore, India


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With no recorded date of birth Cheek-O Dread was born to a duck and a stainless steel spanner, perhaps you can understand why he has a chip on his shoulder.

This forever changed his life and drove him to music, but the deep tumult inside him manifested itself sporadically by causing his hands to heat up uncontrollably and warp his vinyl at the occasional gig leaving a trail of chaos and melted wax in his wake; other DJs “dreaded” playing with him and drove his motivation to move from the land of his birth; he chose to roam the earth like Kung Fu’s Cain from the Middle East, to Europe, to the US, to Asia and across Africa, eventually learning to control his warring emotions enough to get through a night with the only sign of destruction being the blood on the dance floor. Thank God for the digital age, without the need to be in control at all times, his inner beast was unleashed, making his sets at wherever he played simply legendary.

Why not share this phenomenon with the unsuspecting public? He DID! Having played on every continent (save for Australia) wasn’t enough for him so in early 2010 he began to create hour long podcasts of mix sets he deemed worthy of his name and listeners’ ear, and publishing them on Podomatic, Soundcloud, Electecmix, iTunes Store and Mixcrate garnering him an even wider international audience {if you haven’t heard of him, you certainly would hear of him now}. There was nowhere with an internet connection you could safely hide.

In the meantime he continues his roaming his ways, playing his house sets and producing & remixing the same wherever he lays his head only to move onto the next gig down the road.

For releases, mixes, events, appearances & general updates, catch him on Facebook or twitter, or subscribe to his podcast!

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