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“Never leave a dance floor wanting”. That is the no nonsense attitude New York based DJ phenom Gil K brings to the table at each and every show. In the last two years he has dotted the globe, crashing the decks to shock parties big and small with a provocative blend of global house that has been resonating with avant-garde clubbers and proper beat junkies since 2001. His fan base extends from Panama to Copenhagen with driving late night sets full of tracks from King Unique, John Acquaviva, Tiga, Steve Porter, Trentemoller, Ellen Alien, Alex Kenji and many more.

In 2004, fate came calling with the promise of an international DJ residency. Gil K came to the attention of Luis Maier, booking manager for the Honduran collective Colors Promote and progenitor of the annual island music festival SunJam ( That summer, Gil K earned his wings as a member of the global DJ community with a breakthrough performance that gained him a permanent spot on this unique festival’s international lineup.

Armed with a vision, his records and a mission to earn a road pedigree that is unique among his peers, Gil K returned to Central America at the end 2004 with a one-way ticket. His prophetic impulse was rewarded with an eight month tour immersed in the heart of Central America’s independent movement towards electronic DJ culture and underground dance music.

Rewind to the summer of 2002…across the United States clubland had gone hip-hop and techno was now reason for probable cause – dance music in its finest hour. Gil K began to organize underground soundsystems in illegal warehouses in Providence, RI with his new promotions clique Inertia, moonlighting in the afterhours as his alter ego “DJ Chaser”.

After two years refining his skills in New England, he left behind an Ivy League research career in 2004 to intern for the indie dance label System Recordings in Tribeca, trading his office skills for free records and industry perks. His work with the label threw open the door into New York City’s music scene, and soon Gil was playing at all the right nightspots around Lower Manhattan as one of the city’s trend setting underground DJs.

Gil K made his first steps towards music like most as a child, tearing up his father’s collection of disco and funk records. Moving on to experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines as a teen, he was turned on to early composers of electronica like Orbital, Depeche Mode, and New Order. Then in 1996, the UK “big beat” sound washed over the United States. Gil K was a university student deconstructing the minutia of human behavior when his virgin ears were seduced by the acid stylings of the seminal Chemical Brothers album “Exit Planet Dust” and Liam Howlett’s “Fat of the Land” by the Prodigy. He has never been the same since.

Stay tuned and keep dancing…