Chase Beatport


DJ Chase (Kees Witte) started his career more than 10 years ago. Playing in clubs in the centre of Amsterdam at the beginning of the House decade performing his favourite sounds, club, trance and harddance.

In 1991-1992, right in the upcoming period of Old School he started to organize his own parties. This was the period that the scene got notice of DJ Chase.

In 1996 The Netherlands became too small for DJ Chase and he spread his wings to the rest of Europe, starting performing in clubs in Greece. On the summer island Crete he noticed that his music turned on the party people, and he got very popular, especially by the holiday people from Holland. In the off-season he came back to Amsterdam were he became resident DJ in Havana.

As everything chances in time, also in music, 1996 was the year that Club Trance was created. This new style arose the attention of DJ Chase and he started to grow in this style of music. Noticed by colleague DJ’ he played in the world famous club “It” in Amsterdam.

The next year a Dutch Party Organizer contracted him to perform on 5 big open air Dance Festivals, called Kriti Vibes, as resident DJ. All the 5 Festivals where visited by 3500 party people.

Beginning 1998, the organizers of Secret Fantasy Dance Events asks DJ Chase to become there resident DJ for the party’, given 6 times a year, performing with al the top DJ’ from The Netherlands and Europe. He became highly popular by the visitors and his colleague’. Even the TV networks get to notice him and he was asked by the programme “THE DJ’” from the station TMF.

From that stage on DJ Chase was performing regular in Holland. Last summer he played every day as resident DJ on Star Beach at Herssonnisos, Crete. And in the winter of 2002 he was also asked to be DJ for several partiesÂ’ called club-fusion marcanti Amsterdam

DJ Chase is also a producer, together with Floor Control he released his first single called “The Chase is on”.

His roots will stay in Holland but the rest of the world will meet DJ Chase.