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ElRow Music / Low Groove Records / Knostra Music

Born in malaga this duo has the atittude and skills on music since their early ages. At the end of 90’s they started separated their careers, being influded by sounds like Breakbeat and Drum & Bass. Carlos love about music was so huge and he started his own vinyl records shop business called Spheric Records.

After their begining games with electronic sounds, their technical skills improved, and their connection with the crowd was amazing and their musical spectrum was getting wide and became them very versatile and polivalent ,their sound has matured over the years and their style turned into Tech , Minimal & Deep House.

Separately Luis Camargo started acting aka Louis da K releasing some references by and underground & futuristic style. In the other hand on 2011 Carlos aka Charlys Lopez created a well defined and own tech house sound releasing on labels like Beone Records.

In 2012 looking at their passion & attitude about music they decided to join together for sharing ideas and improve their music knowledge all this acting live as a duo called Extreme System.

In 2013 after a lot of studio hours for get ready their live sets, was when they started to produce together. It that moment was when Luixar KL was born. They have released their tracks in worldwide respected labels like ElRow Music, Be One Records, Kinetika Records, Moan, Low Groove Records, Knostra Music, Lemon-aid Music, Natura Viva, Antura Records, Tagged Music, SK Recordings, Tres14 Music, OnOff Recordings , Harvibal, 1994 Music …. and a large etc.

Artists of huge size like Richie Hawtin , Marco Carola or Paco Osuna have played their tracks all over the world. Luixar KL is kind os nonconformist artists musical evolution has been looked at a minimum detail and where the maturity and deepness of sound it’s noticed when they get on stage , it’s their passion & mood about music what drives their day a day work and what makes their sets an original sound .

This couple love about music has no end, and now open a new project called Low Groove Records, a digital label that promotes national & internatioal artists.

100% warranty about quality sounds