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Charlie Sloth

Ibiza, Spain

Grimey Limey
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Charlie Sloth could be described as a walking, talking, one-man version of the British underground music scene. Boasting the kind of credibility that can only be earned through hard work, skill and an unswerving dedication, Charlie was born and raised in the cultural melting pot of Camden Town and came up through the school of hard knocks that is London’s pirate radio and club world. Exposed to this unforgiving environment, Charlie didn’t just survive, he thrived – establishing a solid reputation as an ever-inventive and entertaining MC in both the UK garage and hip hop scenes. Charlie’s profile was first forged as a key member of two crews – Hype Squad and the Grimey Limeys, but in 2007 he stepped up his game when he began to make his own records. Not content just to write, produce, record and release his solo output, Charlie got hold of a camera, taught himself to edit and started making his own videos too. Coinciding with the spread of user generated distribution networks like youtube, and the sudden explosion in social networking, Charlie found himself doing exactly the right thing at precisely the right time. And his combination of inventive writing, quick humour, killer beats and a unique lyrical style quickly began to find an audience. It was only natural that Charlie would appoint himself as his own manager, web designer and street team, but the breakthrough moment came when he decided to take the one man band approach to its logical conclusion, recording the ups and downs of the life of an independent British rap artist with his own weekly online show – Being Charlie Sloth. A unique fusion of documentary reportage, guest stars, comedy skits and hidden camera pranks with Charlie playing all the main roles, the show was an instant hit and was picked up by World Star Hip Hop, the US based hip hop video site where it was soon averaging over a million hits a week. Currently one of the stars of BBC 1Xtra, Charlie is the ultimate self-made artist for the new media generation. Updating the DIY ethos which drove hip hop in its earliest period and dragging it into the 21st century, Charlie is poised to take the UK underground phenomenon – and his own unique personality – to the global stage in 2011.