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Charlie In The Trees

Chicago, United States


Almost Famous Entertainment
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Jimi Yu (Charlie In the Trees/Protege/ X-celerate/ Atek) has been tearing up the decks ever since he was 10 with his legendary mentor helping him to sharpen his skills on the decks. Less than 2 month Jimi made his debut on a cold winter night near the brickyards of Chicago on this night he was given his legendary name of Protege by his mentor for throwing down the most SICKEST house set ever heard still to this day in Chicago. After this night, Protege has become a household name in the underground electronic scene in Chicago. Still at a young age Protege continue to progress with his musical talents. He released numerous amounts of mixed tapes and produced a lot banging tracks in the early 90’s under Fogman Records, which was his label he started up. He also became an entrepreneur and opened up Almost Famous Entertainment for his booking agency, Darkside Productions for event coordination, Shady Elements Inc. as a counter record company and Rebirth Industries for computer related products. Protege was booked all over the US for his amazing talent behind the decks as his fame began to spread through out the world. In the mid 90s he spent most of it touring Europe and Asia. He also resided in Auron, France for 2 years before returning to the states. He also released several mixes while he was touring one of the well known series from him was Hits Hitting the Fan series. This series that he released made his stock go up even more.

In the late 90s he turned away from his roots of Chicago house to master the darker side of EDM, which was IDM and Dark Jungle. He picked up drum and bass like he has been spinning since day one. With a fresh new sound, he decided to dump his moniker Protege, and rebuild a new persona with X-celerate. At first people were unaware of this new persona and thought it was another basement DJ trying to get their foot in the door. X-celerate proved them all wrong even with the new moniker and the new style that he is still a protege behind the decks and continues to make an impact in the electronic world. He seems to become bigger and notable in the industry as a DJ and a producer as he keeps pushing out the bass lines. The electronic world engulfed him as he continues to become a bigger name. In 1997 He decided to call it quits because of the rough schedule of Djing and his education. He thought the story ended here as he moves to Milwaukee to clear his mind of his love (music) and finish his schooling. While up at Milwaukee, he could still hear the beats calling him plus the weekly at The Bassment didn’t help him keep his mind off the music. He fought this for 2 years until he decided to come back to the Darkside.

In the summer of 1999, he picked up the headphones again to do what he loves. This time he again switches genre goes with breaks. He also decided to go back to his roots and brought back the persona of Protege. Even with 2 years not touching the tables, he played like he didn’t even miss a day of spinning on them decks. At the turn of the century Protege continues to release new mixes and tracks. In 2001 he releases one of his great mix tape series Raw Cuts, this series were even a bigger hit than Hits Hitting The Fan series that came out earlier in his career. In 2003 he came out with The Ceramic Life of Suicide Charlie under his X-celerate persona, which gave him world recognition as one of the most diverse DJ in the world. Protege also started to produce some hard techno during this time. He releases several techno tracks under a new persona as Enim-E-Atek later on to shorten his producer moniker to A-tek. Protege continues to make noise with his break beats while experimenting with electro. Around 2004 Protege started to lean toward UK Garage because of his influences during this time. He also decided to create yet another persona as Charlie in the Trees to reflect himself even more. With this new sound and new persona, he still makes it look so easy behind the 1s and 2s. It seems that no genre can stump this Prodigy of the wheels of steel. He signed onto Mafia Records and The Cartel 2005 to make this prodigy desired by every promoter. In 2008 he has finally come out with his true moniker Suicide Charlie and made numerous appearance in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Aiya Napa and many other places with this new sound called Smash. Watch out for this Darkside prodigy cuz he is going to shake the walls with his noize.