Charlie Brown Beatport


Throughout history there have been those who have taught us many things. Those stand out individuals are what make the world a better place, while creating a life for themselves that relies on truth, honor, and passion. Teaching us a thing or two in life and behind the turntables while igniting us with renewed passion is DJ Charlie Brown. Perhaps not yet part of history, yet creating a niche for himself, Charlie got his start eleven years ago. Dubbed “L.A.’s Best Kept Secret”, “Amadeus at the Turntables”, he continues to rock audiences all across the country. “I reluctantly went to my first rave, with a friend from Australia. We ended up on an Indian reservation of all places after driving for several hours through the California desert., The moment I got out of the car, I heard the thumping bass, like no bass thumping I have ever heard, I was hooked. Of course, the music was by no comparison to what we have today, but it was what we had, and it worked, It really worked!.” With passion ignited, Charlie’s first contribution to the scene was his own production, Mona Lisa. An Orange County underground trance club back in 1993, showcasing DJs Taylor, Sandra Collins, Brownie, Guy Oldhams from Manchester, Swedish Egil from GrooveRadio, Doran, and a host of talent from Ministry of Sound, London. In 1997, Charlie teamed with Chelsea to start ClubSoda as a weekly underground club, which gained a reputation for a great place to go for a good vibe intimate trance party. ClubSoda continues to be a good vibe intimate staple in the Los Angeles community throwing events every month or so. Charlie dedicates the majority of his free time to practicing. and presently Charlie’s notoriety is gaining headway as he performs weekly. Charlie’s style of spinning is unique, blending many styles of NuEnergy Trance and Progressive House. He is a storyteller, most noted for his ingenuitive and powerful mixes, earning him the dub “Amadeus at the Turntables”. Charlie’s played with some of the best including Taylor, Christopher Lawrence, Doran, and other great talents. “I try to incorporate the masculine and the feminine into my set, by combining tracks you might otherwise never consider mixing together. I look forward to that sweet emotional response, where I get chills all over, goose bumps, and tears of joy. If this happens to me, I know it will happen to many others.” His future bookings include many 2×4 sessions with partner Chelsea as well as the added contributions to the scene through ClubSoda with events both locally and abroad.

Charlie also looks forward to co-producing an artist management company, a record label, and much more. Perhaps you have seen Charlie Brown in action; for those who have they never forget what this ‘Amadeus’ can do.