Top 25k on The DJ List

Charlie & Jo

Sydney, Australia



Sydney has this way with music that takes enthusiasts well and truly beyond the speakers. For the dynamic duo Charlie & Jo, they are no strangers to delivering house music the way it was meant to be- from the deepest and funkiest to the mix up of indie cool and nu-disco blood emanating boilers. Dance-ready from sunset to sunrise with all smiles and a party worth ignoring the alarm clock for, the two east-coast revelers cannot deny the prolific love of dance music with a decade of beats on their belts.

Driven far and wide by the feeling the music brings their crowd, Charlie & Jo ripple the party from start to finish. In their years they have defined music in all its glory from the best party times of Good Vibrations Festival to Sydney’s hottest venues- Ivy, Café Del Mar and Bar100. Exchanging tunes in booths with Dirty South, Ron Carroll, Eddie Thoneick and more, the country’s most talked about IT events have taken a liking to the duo for quite simply influencing the vibes and the memories that come with their playlists. Holding up a reputation with fellow DJs and producers, the duo are set for an inaugural 2015 breaking down studio boundaries while still driving the sounds behind Australia’s soul enchanting events.

Knowing music like the backs of their hands, Charlie & Jo don’t accept dance floor shortages at any time, delivering speaker-belting tunes to match the French flowing over the bar. As entertainment directors, music sits at the forefront of their timeless aura ensuring only the best is brought to the party people, weekend in and weekend out.

Across the four seasons, Charlie & Jo carry with them a musical journey from the studio to the booth, where the anticipation for the classiest of dance music sounds coming to aficionados is high.