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CHAOS is quickly becoming a big name in the world of electronic dance music. One good thing about him is that he does not limit himself to any particular style. Chaos started spinning at the young age of 14, and now has over 30 years experience behind the decks. Throughout his illustrious career, CHAOS has held several resident DJ spots all over the U.S.

The music you might hear from Chaos can range from funky electro house, dubstep, to many styles of Trance, flavored with some funky breaks, and even a little DnB. He currently has many releases on Treehouse Tribe Records & Let’s Beat Milo Records.

Of all the great DJ’s throughout the world, CHAOS has become a very well known DJ due to his wild style of spinning and his crazy FIRESHOW! This cat blows fireballs from his mouth and shows his turntable skillz, cutting and scratching with his turntables on FIRE !!!

CHAOS owns Underground Nation and is also one of the top promoters in Northern California. He has thrown many events, both small and massive in Cali, Texas, Hawaii, Arizona, and more!

Follow this DJ, you will be glad you did!