Top 25k on The DJ List

Chao Xin

Brussels, Belgium

Electro House, Techno


Originally Chao Xin started off as an Acid/tech DJ with a large interest for the upcoming electro scene. Thanks to this electro influence, it didn’t take Chao Xin very long to discover the ultimate mixture of big tits, fat Detroit beats and fine ass pussy, a.k.a. ‘Booty music’. Organizing wild electro/acid parties with the Sewer Federation ‘SWFD’ and later with the TRACKTOR crew just wasn’t enough. So SWFD, DATA Records and TRACKTOR joined forces and came up with the Booty Night concept: a big Booty party combined with an Electro/Acid room and a Hip-Hop stage. This way ‘O16’ got acquainted with a large number of Booty artists such as DISCO D, MISTER RIES, CUTLASS SUPREME, DEBASSER, THX TriO3, NESSBETH, DJ NASTY and a lot more Booty all stars.