Channel Surfer Beatport


As a classically trained multi- instrumentalist Channel is a musician in the purest sense of the word. He is a seasoned DJ who has extensive touring experience and has worked with some of the biggest names in dance music.  More than just a DJ, his vast amount of skills have gained him recognition as one of the West Coast’s brightest upcoming dance talents. U.S. Trance icon, Victor Dinaire, observed, “For Channel, it’s a matter of when, not if.”


A prolific producer and solo artist, Channel has composed an huge number of original productions and remixes on which he commonly does his own vocals, guitar, and keys.  His music has appeared on some of the most powerful record labels in dance music including Armin’s “Armada”, Oakenfold’s “Perfecto”, Noel Sanger’s “Dissident”, George Acosta’s, “Fektive” and his own label “Televisionary”. Also. in 2009, Channel entered the “Sean Tyas Remix Competition” and his mix of “Melbourne” placed #8 out of over 170 worldwide submissions.

His 3rd artist album, “On the Big Screen” was released in 2009 as an iTunes exclusive and has made an impressive impact for an indie-dance album. Following the release of “OTBS”, Channel hit the road to play a U.S. National Tour before coming home to Seattle to resume duties running his record label. In proper form, “OTBS” saw a full remix album entitled “Silverscreen Remixes” which features multi-genre remixes from artists all over the world.


Channel observes, “In the dance world, you have to be strong in the studio as you are on the stage.” Long before Channel gained recognition as a producer, he was known for his genre defying DJ sets which span Breakbeat, Progressive, and a touch of Electro dirtiness. Channel seamlessly blends old, new, unreleased, and original productions, with his vast library of the finest and most rare dance music. “My goal is to play the most creative, off-the-wall sets I can, while still maintaining continuity and interest.”. Channel Surfer is truly in a league of his own, and one of a kind.