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Born into a family of traditional musicians and the son of a father who was already spinning records in the late sixties, Chaim grew up to become a complex producer. Influenced by Moroccan music he heard at home while growing up, and the sound of Chicago House he fell in love with while working as a light jockey in his local clubs, his productions tell a story of a sensitive musician from Tel Aviv.

Chaim lives a lifestyle intense with bitter sweet moments, resulting from the extreme diversities his homeland offers. His tracks often climax with massive stabs, showing Chaim’s unquestionable talent for the unexpected. He plants hooky and hypnotic melodies in the front, while scratching the soul with 80s inspired synth licks flickering from speaker to speaker, effects, and memorable vocals that are wrapped inside a wall of sound.

As a team, together with his partner in crime, Guy Gerber, they release on Supplement Facts, they produce epic tracks with uplifting, head-twisting melodies.

While often producing big sound tunes like “Genesis” appearing on Cocoon’s compilation G, Chaim is also drawn to the more minimal side of electronic music one can hear in his Traum Schallplatten release “Carolin”.

These days he splits his time between studio work in the country side of Israel – working on his live show and album – and playing gigs in and outside of Israel.

Enjoying a wide range of support from the likes of Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, Tiga, Digweed, Claude Von Stroke and Sasha to name a few, Chaim is without doubt in the front with today’s innovative up and coming young producers.


Chaim – Popsky EP (Hi Freaks)

Chaim & Guy Gerber Myspace/Beaches (Supplement Facts)

Chaim – It Never Ends EP (Love Minus Zero)

Chaim – Alvarado EP

Chaim – Cosa Nostra/My Point(Supplement Facts)

Chaim – Carolin EP

Chaim – Dana EP (Dogtown)

Chaim & James Blonde – Roxy Feeling EP (MBF)

Chaim & Guy Gerber Saltamonte/Milky Way (Supplement Facts)

Chaim – Isreality EP (Turbo Records)

Chaim – Moon EP (BPitch Control)


Vincent Thomas – Girl (Chaim Dada Rmx) (Swings)

Paul Nazca – Legend (Guy Gerber & Chaim Rmx) (Giant Wheel)

Gel Abril – Very Wrong (Chaim Rmx) (Be As One)

Pelle Buys – Come Into My World (Chaim Rmx)(Sweat Lodge)

Deep’a & Vek – 404 (Chaim Rmx) (Coincidence Record)

Error Error – Back to Lythion (Chaim Rmx)(Sweat Lodge)

Claude Vonstroke – Groundhog Day(Chaim Rmx)(Dirty Bird)

Appears on:

  • Cocoon Compilation G – Genesis (Cocoon)
  • Agoria – At the Controls – Guy Gerber & Chaim – MySpace (Resist Music)
  • Agoria – At the Controls – Gel Abril – Very Wrong (Chaim Rmx) (Resist Music)
  • ..:Alex Flatner – World of Circle – Chaim – She’s Bitter (Circle Music)
  • John Digweed – Transitions 3 Pelle Buys – Come Into My World (Chaim Rmx)(Renaissance)
  • John Digweed – Transitions 3 Pelle Buys -Chaim – Genesis (Renaissance)
  • DJ Awards Ibiza: 10th Edition – Guy Gerber & Chaim – Beaches (Vendetta Spain)
  • John Digweed – Transitions 2 Dana – Chaim (Guy Gerber Rmx) (Renaissance)
  • Hernan Catteno – Sequnital 2 Chaim – Popsky (Renaissance)
  • The Grand DJ Mix 2007 Paul Nazca – Legend (Guy Gerber & Chaim Rmx) (Dance Network Germany)

    John Dahlback Amnesia Ibiza: The Best Global Club Popsky – Chaim (DJ Center Records)