Top 50k on The DJ List

Chad Clubb

San Francisco, United States



Born and raised in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Dj Chad Clubb has spent the past ten years soaking up diversity in San Francisco. An engineer by trade, his passion lives in the heart of music. Through years of musical training and a deep affection for classical, funk, jazz, soul, rock, and metal, Dj Chad Clubb has developed an unmistakable style behind the turntables.

Although his experience behind the ones and twos is half that of his peers, his impeccable mixing, creativity, and track selection is that of a veteran. He is constantly striving for perfection, and the vibe that he creates will in turn capture his audience and no doubt continue to broaden their horizons. Dj Chad Clubb’s house sets range from deep and soulful, to funk and disco, to tribal rhythms and progressive.

This Dj has the musical knowledge and the ability to throw down at any party; under ground raves, after hours, upscale nightclubs, and house parties. With a solid musical background and a positive attitude to boot, Dj Chad Clubb is laying the foundation for an awesome house.