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DJ Cetacea was born Laurin Hatcher in 1979, living mostly in MS and New Orleans, LA. Cetacea (see-tay-shu) began on the turntables at the age of 9, but did not really learn to spinn until age 20. She started as a bedroom DJ on the MS gulf coast spinning progressive trance, drum n bass, dubstep and breaks. From there she started spinning at house parties and clubs in north MS, Cetacea’s first real performance was in Friday Harbor, WA in 2000. She also began writing her own music on Roland drum machines, Korg Keyboards, and samplers.

She began singing and playing piano at the age of 6. She says “the keyboard feels like an extension of my fingers” ( Mix magazine, Feb 2009). She took to singing with an amazing voice, she sings her own songs and uses her samples when she plays live performances. She also uses her durm machines and keyboards during turntable sets, mixing from records to machine and plays music on top of records to give the music extra depth. “Cetacea is the new electronic musician to watch out for” ( BPM magazine, Jan 2010). Cetacea makes ans spinns jungle/DNB, dubstep, and breaks. Cetacea has been recenty named on websites as the Dubstep US Queen and one of the best female DJ’S to hail from the South. She has been named in Mix Mag as “tricky”, in a recent interview, because DJ’s that know her state, " you never know what music you are going to hear until she drops the needle".

Cetacea’s sets also are very unique, because she not only uses records. She puts her on beats and tweaks to songs that may be well known, but sound different when she spinns them. Cetacea also has been slamming through the Drum and Bass scene being called the one of the best Drum and Bass female DJ’s. Cetacea mixes Jungle/ Drum and bass with dubstep, since she is the first DJ to do this and be known for this unique sound, she coined the term “Junge Step”.

Cetacea also loves most types of music electronica, ambiant, new age, rock, and is a big metal fan. Some of her fav metal bands are: Killswitch engage, static X, NIN, mushroom head, Demon hunter, coal chamber, shadows fall, lamb of god, mudvayne, slipknot, and TOOL.

According to the same Mix Mag interview cetacea claims to be a movie addict, and does not want a cure. Laurin has recently been making film scores for various films, none of which are released yet.

Some of cetacea’s interets include: astronomy, film making, snowboarding, art, poetry, scuba diving, tattoos, comic books/graphic novels/ fiction, and video production- to name a few. Her favorite book is “Phantom” by Susan Kay.

She has been working on her first CD for a year on Bassdrop recordings, hopefully out in 2011 called, Echolocation. She kicked off promoting in England 6-19-10. Cetacea has performed all over the US, Asia, UK, South America, and New Zealand. .

She also is an animal activist working with many animal and environmental organizations. Cetacea has been researching and studying whales since a young age. That’s where her stage name comes from, CETACEA, is the scientific order of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.


Cetacea does not use computers to make her music. She claims anyone can make music with a computer, but if you want to play live for a crowd, they don’t want to see a DJ put down a lap top and hit play. She uses: Roland 808 & 505 workstations/sequencers, Korg keyboards, AKAI midi control system, TC Helicon voice synth, Outboard Roland sampler, and production with a Mackie pro mixing board/Albeton + Reason software.

For DJ’G- Technics SL-1200 turntables and perfers 3 channel Allen + Heath X Zone mixer, Ortofon Needles, and Sony Headphones.