Cert 8 Beatport


Christian aka Cert-8 lives in Chemnitz (Germany). He started to create his own music at the age of 12 in 1999. During the last years his sound developed enormously both skills and style. At least, that’s what he thinks.

In 2002 he decided to become a DJ. Not only to produce own music but also to share it with other people. He took all his saved money and bought his first turntables and a mixer. But actually he called himself a DJ since 2005, because what he was doing the first years should not be claimed DJing. Since that day he’s always in search of some gigs. He has been spinning the records in a lot of locations already (mostly around his home town), but still he always welcomes new bookings.

He started to share his music online to gain some opinions from other hobby-music-producers and to receive tips, how to improve his tracks. Right now he’s working on several projects to try out different music-styles and to cooperate with other musicians.

He released my first Album called “Noise Factor” in 2006. More Info at his homepage.

In 2005 he founded a Music- & Party-Community for Chemnitz called BAZZ NETWORX. It offers free MP3s, a board, a chat room, party dates and party pics as well as contact-information to other DJs, music-producers, bands, and musicians in Chemnitz and the cities around.

In July 2006 he started his own radio-show, which has been off air for a short time and started again in 2007 at GlobalBeats FM.

And he is a member of Last Nite Gigolo, which is a project of international DJs playing non-commercial, electronical dancemusic. Moreover the members of Last Nite Gigolo plan their own events regulary. These events take place in different countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even Italy.