Early 1999 Celwin got in touch with the magik sounds of trance music. A good friend of the family gave him a cdr with livesets from Paul van Dyk, Tiesto and Ferry Corsten a... read more
Cellec Beatport


Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
Genre: Trance
Labels: Owano Recordings

Early 1999 Celwin got in touch with the magik sounds of trance music. A good friend of the family gave him a cdr with livesets from Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto and Ferry Corsten and the moment he listened to it he was sold! Celwin started collecting tons of dj sets from his local heroes Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Armin Van Buuren and was one of the regular viewers of Dutch TV program ‘The DJ’s’ which aired on TMF. Soon he became so addicted that he decided to purchase himself a set of turntables, a mixer and whole lot of vinyls! The trip to the record store became a weekly trip for Celwin and soon he met other dj’s and producers that he could share his passion with.

It was early 2002 when Celwin decide to send out some demo mixes throughout the country and soon he was dj’ing at several graduation parties in Rotterdam, one of them taking place at a height of 135 meters in The Euromast! In the years to come Celwin played at more and more events, taking place in several world famous clubs in the Netherlands like Club Poema.

In January 2004 Celwin started his own radioshow called Cellection Music on Dutch local station Radio Capelle, where it still is up to this very day! In the past years Cellection Music evolved from a one hour radioshow on a local station into a two hour show that broadcasts in four different countries and has well respected guests like Mark Norman, Arctic Quest, Gabriel & Dresden, Menno de Jong, Galen Behr and many more…

It was July 2004 when Celwin started producing his own tracks which evolved into his first release, which got signed in November of the same year. This track, ‘Explodera’, was signed on UK based label E-TCR and was instantly hammered by trance big boy Paul van Dyk! His following tracks after that were picked up by some more big names but when he teamed up with his radiobuddy Erik Saathoff, Ersa, things started going crazy. Their track ‘Nabucco’, under the ‘Arabella’ guise, became a big hit in the trance scene with support from every single big dj there is! Recently Celwin released his biggest track to date called ‘Love Of My Life’ which he made especially for his girlfriend.

In November 2006 another life long dream of his got reality, a label. Together with his radiobuddy’s (Sven Marten also joined the club) he came up with Cellection Music, the label equivalent of the radioshow. The label is growing with each release, all being supported by some big names like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk a.o. Recently Cellection Music came up with a sublabel called Owano, which will be releasing Arabella, Cellec and Ersa material only!

In the future Celwin sees himself running his own label and dj agency somewhere in the world… because it’s like he said so himself: “Home is where my music is…”