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Celeste Lear

San Francisco, United States

Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Open Format

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There’s always a lot of debate about “What makes a truly great DJ”, are they born or are they made? In truth, it’s a little of both and DJ Celeste is a classic example of a DJ who naturally, deeply “feels” music and rhythm and has also spent over a decade dedicated to studying the art and science of DJing, music production and sound engineering. Not all DJs can claim to be able to rock the crowd AND also set up, fine tune and run the sound system that rocks the crowd – Miss Celeste Lear hits both marks.

Armed with her own $15,000 high quality, professional sound and lighting system, a definite knack for climactic and seamless song mixing and never ending enthusiasm for providing a top notch sonic experience for her listeners, Celeste possesses all the creative flair, technical expertise and ability to read a crowd that makes a truly great modern DJ. With an emphasis on keeping the sound hip, energized, sophisticated and accessible, DJ Celeste craftily mixes everything from the hottest Top 40 and Pop hits to bouncy, high energy House music and Electro to diverse world music and Latin, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s classics, hip hop, creative mash ups and remixes. She has a special passion for rich and mellow chillout, downtempo and lounge music and closely follows all the best, most cutting edge new underground and mainstream artists to stay ahead of the game.

Now also an internationally recognized music producer, remix artist and multi instrumentalist, Celeste Lear also owns her own recording studio and independent record label with 5 current releases. Her music production work has been featured on Fox network’s “So You Think You Can Dance”, Ralph Lauren’s “Ready to Wear” campaign, HBO, SONY, MGM, Pandora as well as many various independent films. Another interesting note is that Ms. Lear is the granddaughter of the Lear Jet and 8-Track cassette inventor William P. Lear.


• DJ Celeste has provided sound system and DJ’d over 250 private parties, fashion

shows, weddings and special events in California from 2007 to 2013.

• DJ Celeste has had one of her own songs placed on Fox Network’s television show

“So You Think You Can Dance” and received International exposure.

Recent Corporate Clients and Venues:

• Warner Brothers, The Gap, Effin Vodka, Yelp, Oracle, Cybex, Fredericks of Hollywood, The Westfield Mall, Slide (S.F.), Elevate Lounge (L.A.), Four Seasons (Maui), Bloomingdales, The Viper Room, W Hotel (S.F.), The Beverly Hilton, The Ritz Carlton (S.F.), Neiman Marcus.