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Originally from Vancouver, Canada cb shaw has been rocking audiences internationally for over 10 years with his one-of-a-kind custom live DJ remixes and original vocal tracks.

cb shaw is the first in a new breed of entertainer – The “Video Remix” artist. Using special computer-coded records, cb shaw mashes together the best of Music Videos, Movie Dialog, cb’s original Vocals, TV themes, even Cartoons and Commercials, all mixed together live over hot dance-floor friendly beats. Watching cb shaw mix video live using vinyl and turntables is truly watching history in the making!

Unlike any other “Video DJ”, cb brings his years of experience as an award-winning Video Producer and Director to the mix. He remixes, shoots, and edits his videos himself, giving cb exclusive custom content which no other video DJ has access to. Drawing from a huge library of Music Videos, Television, and Movies, cb uses samples from every source imaginable, spanning over 5 decades of Pop Culture.

Major organizations are starting to take notice, with cb being hired to rework Elvis for a Graceland promotion, A Jenny McCarthy Game for EA Games, and Hanna Montana / That’s So Raven for Walt Disney. He has performed at special events for everyone from the 25th Air Jordan anniversary to Maxim Magazine events, and Hollywood wrap parties like the upcoming blockbuster " The Watchmen". cb was also recently asked to DJ in the movie “Personal Effects” with Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Pfeiffer.

His bizarre talent of scratching the turntables with his tongue earned him the opportunity to teach legendary porn star Ron Jeremy how to scratch the wax for an infomercial. How many men can say they taught Ron Jeremy something?

cb shaw is just a dangerous with a microphone as he is behind a set of turntables. His live vocals and introspective lyrics are added to his mixes and videos, adding one more layer of depth and excitement.

Over the past year, cb has uploaded over 2 Million copies of his DJ Video mixes and vocal tracks to fans worldwide. His vocal track “80’s Lover” received over 50,000 downloads in two months alone! His website receives over 1 million hits monthly, and his MySpace page has over 45 thousand fans.

His strong MySpace following lead to a headlining slot at the one the famous “Rubber” parties in Orange County. After which, cb was given the honor of playing the main stage at the 14th Annual “Pimp N Ho Ball” in Las Vegas, the largest 21+ event in America, which draws 10,000 people each year.

cb was recently hired to rock the turntables at the one and only Playboy Mansion, truly putting him in an elite category of entertainer.

cb shaw has built a strong fan base, performing at some of the top venues across North America, such as Pure, Body English, and the Palms in Vegas, The Highlands in Hollywood, The Casbah in Atlantic City, Ghost Bar in Dallas, and First Ave in Minneapolis, where Prince’s Movie “Purple Rain” was filmed.

With over 60 + venues under his belt in North America, cb is constantly in demand for bookings. As the popularity of Video DJ mixing continues to rise, so has the value of this leader in the biggest trend in club culture to come along in the past decade. He is now being booked in Europe, Asia, Canada and the US.

cb shaw is recognized as one of the top Video DJs in the world by global companies like Pioneer, who have recently asked cb to work with them to help promote video mixing worldwide as an art form.

cb has an incredibly strong and instantly recognizable brand. His phallic-shaped “cb” logo can be seen on t-shirts, hats, and undergarments worldwide. His cb emblazoned clothing line has exploded over the past few months, with everyone from Kids to Playboy Playmates rocking the instantly recognizable symbol.