Castle Beatport


Starting in the mid 90’s where the first introduction in the party scene started, he developed a love for the music, people & an admiration for dj’s with their talents. By late 90’s, Castle was deep in with all the Trance heads and it was a time without gear or equipment, only vinyl and his headphones you would be catching him using his live time as his only practice time, occasionally playing at places like Wellington’s night club and Area 51.

In summer of 1999, things had taken a turn moving from Winnipeg to out east to Montreal. There he managed to aquire new tastes in development as a dj. Planning a vacation to cross the seas to Europe, a drastic change had occurred and instead moved out of Montreal city.

Coming back to Winnipeg and planning a career change in summer of 2001, Castle had gone to college all the while re-aquatinting himself with old friends and contacts. It wasn’t long before his love for the music had found himself back on the decks with vinyl in his hands.

Two years & a college degree later, Castle had then broadened his genre scope to Tech & Hard Trance, and developed his taste for music even further. Becoming a local favourite, you could regularly catch him at house parties and small events.

By late 2004, he had teamed up with Toronto Techno buff Donovan Matt & hosted an evening called EFEKT at the MASH nightclub. All different flavours of Locals and out of towners would gather as it quickly formed to a Thursday evening favourite. Donovan was quick to influence Castle with the sounds of Techno, furthering yet more development with different sounds.

In early 2006 – work, time availability and financing would see the end of Efekt Thursdays, Castle & Donovan had gone their separate ways in pursuit for the love of music.

Summer of 2006 would see Castle more involved into radio, with local drum n bass favourites such as Gumby, Buz Blaze & Whupass, & in no time his head bangin to a new beat. Winter had approached and turning to digital from vinyl would spawn a new era for his musical tastes.

Drum n Bass turning as his new primary genre, but his library would also include breaks, techno and all genres previous making him a well-rounded entertainer.

Today in 2008, after a full year of online radio, with respect to them all – RuffRadio, TwistedFrequency QuantumSoundz and recently KunninMindz, is proud to continue to serve the drum n bass community with his high-energy and all around heavy beats.