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Cassandria Daiva: ABOUT

Q. Who is this Cassandria Daiva I keep hearing so much about?

A. Cassandria is a Tech House DJ, producer and sound designer based in Montreal, known internationally for her dazzling energy and uncanny knack for bringing the party.

Q. So she’s, what, some college kid with a laptop and a hard-drive full of fancy software?

A. Far from it. Cassandria is of the old guard – she originally emerged from the ’90s underground house music scene, having learnt her craft alongside old-school disco DJs on Technics SL-1100 turntables. Authentic DJ-ing can feel like a lost art sometimes, but it’s people like Cassandria who keep it alive.

Q. Okay, I like the sound of this. And since she’s a girl DJ, she’ll be all cleavage and tiny G-strings onstage, right?

A. Steady on there, cowboy. There may be a prevailing stereotype of the air-head female DJ using the infamous “sync button” and flaunting her bits in a luminous bikini, but that’s not Cassandria. She can beatmatch flawlessly while playing three or four decks at the same time. Can you do that?

Q. …No.

A. Exactly.

Q. I guess this means she knows what she’s doing then?

A. Are you kidding me? This lady has toured the world, released on numerous different record labels and held down a highly prestigious residency with DJ Mag Caribe in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. And from here on in, things are only getting better.

Q. Sounds exciting! So what can I expect from Cassandria in the future?

A. She’ll be continuing with her ‘Channel 8’ radio show (an internet and FM radio broadcast that reaches thousands of global listeners every month) and has a ton of releases planned for the upcoming months. She’s working on a series of royalty-free loop and sample packs for aspiring producers, will be collaborating with local talent in Montreal and internationally, and intends to get back on the road and keep touring around the world. Watch this space for details…