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Altough Cashmere will sound new to you, he isn’t a newcomer in the scene. Beeing active in the musicscene for more than a decade ,under different aliases such as “Benn Lian”, he toured the globe in country’s like Thailand, Japan, Germany, Spain (Ibiza), France, The Netherlands,…

With Cashmere he has found himself a new playground to express his musical diversity in many ways!

“I wanted to begin with a fresh start” he says, and what a start that is! His first track “Mushroom Market” was released on Steve Lawler’s “Viva Music” and made it immidiatly to beatport’s top 100 chart and to many other dj-charts (Kaiserdisco, Timo Garcia, Namito, Fabrice Lig…)!

Not only his own tracks are wanted but also his remixes are top 100 selling pieces! With remixes for some of the biggest names such as “Kaiserdisco” and “The Dolphins”, on labels like Kling Klong, Affin or Takt, we don’t have to draw you a picture ☺!

Producing tracks & remixes is only one aspect of Cashmere, the other one is playing those tracks live. But beware, don’t excpect your avarage laptop-set over here! To emphasize the “live aspect” of his set, Cashmere is armed with a live drummer (Ziggy Vanwallendael) who takes care of those swinging rythems that just draw you towards the dancefloor!

As you can see, 2010 has been a very fruitfull year for this young artists! With gigs on some of the hottest festivals & clubs in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany & Hungary and releases on top notch labels such as: Kling Klong, Viva Music, Takt records, Affin… they’re destined to make 2011 even a bigger year! Don’t hesitate to check them out when they play in a venue near you, you won’t be disapointed!