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1st Female DJ of EASTERN INDIA

I started my Career as a good OBSERVER, LISTENER & finally thought to myself I would love to be in the place of a Male DJ & break the ICE as A Female DJ instead. Though I am not the very 1st female DJ of INDIA but I am definitely The 1st Qualified Female Resident DJ of EASTERN INDIA & I am proud of the fact that I am Self Trained, Independent, GOD Gifted Technical SKILLS, believe in CLEAN MIXES & make it a point to maintain the same as THIS IS WHAT A TRUE DJ’s JOB is all about…

Ever since I broke the ICE in EASTERN INDIA I am very Glad to see alot more female DJS take the plunge.

I BELIEVE in being a TREND SETTER rather than A TREND FOLLOWER. Always wanted to do something different, challenging yet with alot of HARD WORK involved hence chose to become a DJ.

To me MUSIC is my LIFE & coming from a Musical Oriented FAMILY I have always been exposed to the same right from the age of 4 of what I do vividly recall…

After becoming The 1st female DJ again of EASTERN INDIA, I next went on to also being The 1st female DJ to take part in Times War Of The DJS Nationally & stood 2nd runners up from Eastern INDIA which at that time I did not only prove I was the 1st but also proved I could be challenged without any professional training & guidelines as I always believe in usin your brains rather make them useful for yourself by being helped by others.

So this is where decided to be INDEPENDENT. This not only makes U Strong but also makes U know the VALUE of Urself…

I have even been 1 of The TOP 10 DJS selected for MTV MOTOR ALERT Competition held in MUMBAI.

Professionally I am now 5yrs in this DJING WORLD & for some personal reasons which I do not wish to share on this PUBLIC FORUM I did quit for almost 2yrs. People connected with me knew WHY? & those who were not thought I had given up. But Hey I had to come back as this is my LIFE & LOVE to share with myself & EVERY MUSIC LOVER & FOLLOWER :)

It has not been a CHEESE WALK for me though but who CARES I LOVE it when things are TOUGH as that’s what makes LIFE more INTERESTING to deal with.

I AM also 1 of the few RESIDENT FEMALE DJS in INDIA & that involves HELL of ALOT of HARDWORK indeed to not just spin MUSIC but also see your guests are comfortable, happy, contented & will always LOVE to be back in the same place almost every night… And I make sure to keep all my GUESTS HAPPY after a LONG days TOIL & ready for a relaxing or crazy night out.

I have alot of articles & MEDIA coverages asin FM,TV, Magazines & Newspaper supporting my WORK INFO of my performances IN & OUT of of INDIA which I am unable to mention as there is alot but have posted a couple of them out here in my OFFICIAL GROUP.

To me Djing means EVERYTHING & u my friends are whom I am still existing as a Consistent DJ professionally now for 5 yrs.

Genres I SPIN depending on the NITE varies frm RETRO, HIPHOP, BOLLY, COM HOUSE, EDM N PSY TRANCE resp as I hve the experience of a RESI DJ for 4yrs & presently freelancing across CLUBS in INDIA & ABROAD