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Carlos Valdes

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Amsterdam clubbing wouldn’t be the same without the ongoing efforts of dj/producer/promoter/labelowner Carlos Valdes. Not only has he enriched the city’s nightlife with a series of refreshing initiatives, breaking new artists from abroad and pushing a young generation of local talent. He’s also managed to become one of Holland’s most respected and loved underground dj’s, setting dancefloors aflame across The Netherlands and abroad. His most recent project B O D Y C O D E bills new talent and renowned artists in clubs and at festivals in Amsterdam. In 2013 the successful Amsterdam party organization Les Enfants Terribles took on Carlos as a resident, next to Delta Funktionen. Another accomplishment that states Carlos Valdes knows quality.

The variety of influences marking his upbringing (Chilean parents, childhood in Holland) is still reflected in his dj-style: a hybrid of different genres, spanning from techno to thumping house. As Carlos is regularly playing most of Holland’s leading festivals and venues, more and more people are starting to embrace his extraordinary blend of sexy grooves. And with appearances at some of Europe’s leading clubs & festivals like Meadows In The Mountains in Bulgaria, Panoramabar, Wilde Renate and Chalet in Berlin, Robert Johnson, Harry Klein, Bar25, D Edge, TrouwAmsterdam, Awakenings Festival, Cadenza Labelnight, Circo Loco Amsterdam and Flex, his first flirts in the studio and his well picked label Studio Soulrock, the future looks bright.

Carlos has been playing an active role in nightlife from an early age. His company Studio Soulrock (founded in 2000) has organised many parties in cities across the Netherlands, and hosted stages at some of the country’s leading festivals. His Vreemd clubnights have been Amsterdam’s most popular Thursdays for almost four years. They inspired Carlos to start Studio Soulrock Bookings, which is currently representing a (inter)national artists in Holland and abroad, including himself.

The latest chapter in Studio Soulrock history is the founding of Studio Soulrock together with Steffi. The first release by Bootleg Bitches hailed support from dj’s and critics worldwide and a second release by San Proper & Steven de Peven (remixes by Pitto and Steffi) is being played by lots of dj’s. Carlos himself was featured as a vocalist on Julien Chaptal’s widely acclaimed album Tokens. As of 2010 Carlos managing the label on his own, the Studio Soulrock catalog reached number 8 at the moment and represented artists like Tom Trago, Steffi, Baaz, Robin Kampschoer, San Proper and Genius Of Time.