Carlos Francisco Beatport


At a young age Carlos moved from Spain to London in the eighties to discover soul, electro and witnessed the birth of house by listening to local pirate stations such as LWR and Solar FM and soon became a regular DJ at underground raves back in 1988. Carlos has since traveled back and forth between Spain, Europe and the UK, from djing house sounds in the notorious summer of Love in 1989, through to residencies at Pacha on the Canary Islands, London & Mallorca, Privilege in Ibiza, Rulin at Ministry Of Sound, Fiction at The Cross and the legendary Smartie Parties in London among many more.

In 2001 Carlos teamed up with Javi De Colors (Stereo records) and released his debut single “Sun Sacrifice”, following up in 2002 with a single titled “Dance Floor Politics” for Tempo Music in Spain. More recently, Carlos has once again teamed up with Javi to produce “La Ligia” another great track on DTPM’s sister label DTRAX and is currently working in the studio on his fourth musical project.

A self confessed lover of all music, Carlos’productions and Dj sets are influenced by all genres from the world over, but one thing for sure you will always find echoes of latin spirit in there somewhere!..

Present work/ Career Highlights: “Smartie Partie” @ Turnmills (London)- Resident, Fiction" @ The Cross (London)- Resident, Love2Funk" (Middlesborough) Resident, BCM" (Mallorca), “Energaytics” Vienna (Austria), “Otto Zutz” (Barcelona), “Privilege" (Ibiza), “Stars cafe” (Madrid), “Zona” Moscow (Russia), “CDLC” (Barcelona), “Queensday” Festival (Amsterdam), The Majestic (Leeds), “Carnaval de canarias” Tenerife street Carnival (Spain), “Discotheque” Barcelona, “Ministry of Sound” London- Monthly Guest for 5 years for SP, Rulin and part of Ministry of Sound Dance nation/Annual Tours across the U.K, “Horus” Club (Rome), “Pacha” Madrid/London, “Oasis” Zaragoza (Spain), “Bagleys” London, “Volksgarden” Vienna (Austria), “ArtDecor” Palma (Spain), Heaven/Adrenalin Village- (London 1998/1999)- Carlos organized all music (4 Rooms, and 14 DJ’s) for legendary promoter Philip Salon’s exclusive parties.

Radio and Magazine Publications: Kiss FM (Radio) – Series of guest slot mixes and interviews on the “Sharp boys Show” with the Sharp Boys, Ministry of Sound Radio – Series of guest mixes and slots 2000 – 2005, International DJ Magazine – Guest review + chart feature March 2005, DMC Update – Charts and reviews May 2005, Smartie Partie World Tours include; “Privilege” Ibiza, “Sub Club” Copenhagen, “Karmana” Alexandria (Egypt), “H90” Cologne (Germany), “Base Camp” (Denmark), The “Colosseum” Abudhabi (Egypt), SP World Tour Mexico – 2 week 5 gig tour of Mexico, Cancun and Miami.