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Carlos Fauvrelle

Porto, Portugal

House, Techno

AKA: Maurel & Fauvrelle

Choo Choo, Lajja Recordings, Meridua Recordings
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While still relatively unknown in North America, Carlos Fauvrelle is somewhat of a House hero in his native Portugal and surrounding areas.

Fauvrelle, a self-professed “studio tan” expert has been crafting magical modern tribal gems for quite sometime.

A host of this wonderful wax has made its’ way onto a handful of reputable imprints, namely Choo Choo, Sondos and Twisted, a release which garnered the top slot on Billboard’s Breakout chart.

Apart from these accolades, Carlos has recently seen his reputation skyrocket since the launching of his own label, Lajja Recordings, co-owned with fellow partner in crime, Frank Maurel.

Lajja’s sound is picture perfect for today’s big room sonic adventures. Its’ dark, brooding, percussive-driven vibe instantly gained numerous fans such as Tom Stephan, DJ Vibe, King Unique, Low End Specialists, Deep Dish and the legendary Danny Tenaglia.

Original productions are not Carlos’ only source of creativity. His unique sound has landed him a plethora of remixing duties for the likes of Peter Bailey, Dean Coleman, Hernan Cattaneo, Flash Brothers and Superchumbo.

While Fauvrelle’s studio accomplishments speak for themselves, the man is now dedicated to focusing on his ever-rising DJ career. With a live performance that features some stunning samples, seamless mixing skills and a stellar showcasing of upcoming releases, it is only a matter of time before Carlos Fauvrelle becomes a household name in North America and other parts of the globe.