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Carlos Eduardo Ram

Caracas, Venezuela

House, Open Format

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He started mixing in 1987 in Merida’s City El Bodegon at the age of 14. He became the youngest club DJ in the country. In his city, he closed the club Viuda Negra, and in the same place inaugurated Kecrop’s, a 2000 people capacity club, the most popular at the time.

At the age of 19, he moved to Margarita Island where he rotated between Mosquito Coast, Village Club, Gipsy Guitarras and La Lechuga. For 2 years he was the main DJ at those clubs. He retired from all the clubs except Mosquito Coast, on of the most frequented clubs of the Island during holidays, and he became their resident full time. At the same time, he opened Mosquito Beach in Playa Caribe, the first roofless nightclub by the sea.

At the age of 23 opened Subsuelo, an icon at that moment nationwide that lasted 2 years. Also he was the DJ at the Descargas Belmont, the biggest party in Margarita Island organized by the first Tobacco Company of the Country.

Then he opened Sr. Frog’s, a worldwide club that was known because of the famous combination between restaurant and club, the first hybrid concept in Carlos and Charles chain around the world. He represents Venezuela as an invited DJ for the Miami Dolphins in their Latin American Tour with DJ Looney Tunes.

In mid 2000 he began working as a free agent in many clubs around Venezuela. He worked in Mr. Hide, La Choza, Shooter’s, Palao’s, Living Room (Valencia), Mr. Hide, Seven, Whisky Bar (Maracay), Gipsy Guitarras, La Lechuga, Dady’s Latino, Bullpen, H2O, Disco Boom, Sr. Frog’s, Subsuelo, Mosquito Coast, Mosquito Caribe, Vilage Club, Gotica Beach, Crowbar (Margarita Island), 357 Garden (Barquisimeto), Brranquito, Nodo Club, Prvillige Club, Gotica Club , Gooal Bar, Masara, Bar Fly, Calas, Whisky Bar, Vintage, Lola, Vita, Azhar(Caracas)

He moved to Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, where he opened Nodo Club. One year later he moved on and opened De’javu, Privillege Club, Gotica Club, Vintage and Whisky Bar.

During that same time, he opened the first Hip Hop " Planet Jam’s " Radio Show in the Country with DJ Galavis in Planeta on 105.3 fm.

Working at clubs he began teaching DJ’s and started managing DJ Galavis, DJ MEG, DJ D’Lima, DJ Himbert . Some of his students are currently mixing at clubs in the country and Colombia.

His trends House.