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Carlos Alfonzo has continuously grown to be a strong influence in the San Francisco Bay Area’s electronic music scene, and over the past year has pushed that growth to expand all over the United States. His roots in house music & DJing began back in 1993 growing up in San Jose, California, after attending a wide variety of music events. Inspired by Bay Area locals DJ Dan, Carlos, and Doc Martin, he started to produce his own music in the year of the millennium.

Taking his love for house music even further after ideas sparked by local labels and Winter Music Conference 2005, Carlos Alfonzo founded “Vibrance Recordings,” San Francisco’s newest hot house music label. It’s first release, “Something Special,” launched at Winter Music Conference ’06 has already been making noise all over North America even before it was off the press.

The name “Vibrance Recordings” stems from a hip hop song “Vibrant Thing” that played over in his mind. Partnering up with Ross.FM to handle marketing while Carlos handles the artistic control, the featured artists on this new label include Will Bailey (UK), Paul Anthony & ZXX, Charles Feelgood, DJ Kue, and Melee.

Being one of the most respected people from the underground to around the mainstream town, Carlos Alfonzo has set the stage for himself to become a leading force in the future of House Music.