Top 25k on The DJ List

Carlos Alfonsin

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Carlos Alfonsin built throughout the years a career in which the artistic criterion is beyond any disciplinary point of view. He used to be artistic director of Virus and Soda Stereo when there bands were but a promise; he made incursions into the world of cinema and stood out in the advertising fields -he was part of multiple Clio award-wining crews and, later on, signed soundtracks of adverts for brands like Sony, Correo Argentino and Route 66. However, in the mid-eighties, he began focusing his work exclusively on music. With his band, then, captured the attention of the American industry: the single Quiet was released in New York. The original track (remixed by Junior Vazquez for Eightball Records) was as well included in a CD for the clothing house Gap.

The more than ten thousand records of exotic, classical, experimental music, Disco or Soul even Bossa Nova, Jazz, Tango and other styles which his tray is made of have, undoubtedly, a great deal of responsibility in the definition of his profile, openly versatile and alert for the new trends about. Carlos is a DJ who moves calmly move in the arenas of Downtempo, Minimal Techno and House in all its varieties. Acknowledged for introducing the Acid Jazz and Drum and Bass into our scene, his name began to gain sense at the booths of Rainbow, Freedom, New York City and Palladium. However, it was after 1990 that his figure began to stand out clearly as one the most significant of the local electronic music scene. In fact, he was chosen as best DJ during his residency at El Dorado.

With his residency at the Guess Beachstore of Punta del Este, later on, at the Chivas one and at Cream en el Mar, he found an exquisite sound for the sunsets of the Uruguayan beaches. Such was the case that the English press even wrote on its pages: Good-bye Ibiza, this is better than Cafe del Mar. Since 1998, with his residency at Clubland ([email protected] Buenos Aires), Alfonsin demonstrated that his talent and affinity with music set him as DJ of international profile. At that club, considered by the main characters of the global scope as one of the best in the world, he shared the decks with Danny Rampling, Satoshi Tomiie and Deep Dish, among others. Also, it stands out from within his experience abroad his participating in Creamfields Liverpool 2001, which occurred in all three editions of the English festival in Buenos Aires.

Carlos continues dedicated to his production and DJ work, responding to the demands of his audience with artistic quality at Clubland and delighting the listeners of Metrodance 95.1 FM.