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Born in southern Poland. When you ask his parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends and ex girlfriends a question “was there any indication he would take up music?”, everyone will give you the same answer: “Nothing at all!”.

A producer?

His first track made only by himself fitted for… release! A small label and the track didn’t turn out to be a hit, but… who cares! Carlo Calabro got a massive shot of motivation for further work. „You want, you can”, right?

Things Carlo Calabro did in the second half of 2007 took Fektive Records fancy (Carlo hopes they fancy him still). As the first record of the independent Dutch company was being prepared, Carlo found some time to make two more remixes. For whom? For Marcus Schossow and Glenn Morrison. Nice huh? Bear in mind our guy had a six months of experience at the moment…

Last two years was quite busy (almost each producer has a thought like that in his/her biography so let’s just place it here) for Carlo Calabro as singles “Strict Orange” and “Fun Is Fun/Done Is Done” came to light. Both releases have been massively supported by such top players like Tiesto (including Club Life plays), Markus Schulz (including Global DJ Broadcast plays and top 15 tracks for November), Christopher Lawrence (including Rush Hour plays). Also Carlo’s latest works gained really big support. “Rude Dude” got licensed to Black Hole Recordings mix compilation. On the other hand remixes for George Acosta “Elastik People” and Chris Cortez “Black Widdow” got tracklisted by the top players such as Tiesto, Rank1, Lange and many, many more (yeah, yeah…).

Current year brought more conscious going-on of Carlo (it takes some time to find your own style, doesn’t it?). He knows which direction to go and he consequently go that way remembering determination and patience is what really counts. Year 2011 is devoted mainly to work on his own material. And that’s enough info for now! Just expect new remixes and Carlo Calabro’s singles coming soon. You won’t be disappointed.


Yes, of course! Carlo was invited by Tiesto himself to “Club Life”. However, “15 Minutes of Fame” is still ahead! From March 2008 Carlo hosts a monthly “Pushing the Bar” in the most popular Internet radio – Digitally Imported ( and on terrestrials in Greece, including iTunes podcast. On each first Friday of a month, except for Carlo Calabro’s sets, you can hear one additional guest. Until now among Carlo’s guests were: Christopher Lawrence, Jonas Steur, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Leon Bolier, Sied Van Riel, Matt Darey. And if you would like to see Carlo playing in a club or during some huge event (he took part in Colors Of Sounds, Sunrise Festival and Electrocity (twice) among others), just have a look on his schedule and come. Having the opportunity we confirm that Carlo leaves his studio only when he really needs to, that is when he goes on for a booking, goes to sleep, eats, pisses or when his girlfriend tells him to do so.