Carl Taylor Beatport


For Doncasters Carl Taylor it all started at the age of 13, inspired by listening to early Hardcore mix tapes “I told my mam I wanted a couple of decks and she said ‘what do you need two for? Your dad’s only got one’, the worse thing was it was my own money!â€?

Thank god his dad (a northern soul DJ himself) understood the cause & took him in the car to get his first pair of decks. He then spend days locked in the bedroom trying to mix the same 15 records over and over in a different order, nobody showed him how to mix or DJ, but he didn’t give up till he got it right..

This fascination soon led onto the need to make his own creations. After leaving school at 16, while working at his first job, Carl saw an advert for a Music Technology course at Doncaster College, “I didn’t have a clue, & didn’t play a note of music but I just wanted to know how you made a recordâ€?.

While most people where in the student bar Carl got stuck in straight away, using just a early version of Cubase, a basic midi module and an Akai sampler, he would spend hours messing around sat with headphones on, just learning the basics. With the money from a part time job in the college holidays he decided to buy his first synth, a Roland Alpha Juno.

Six months later a drum machine / sequencer was added to the set up & basic tracks began to take form. Again hours where spent experimenting & generally making a noise in the Taylor house hold, however he still didn’t know much about the actual recording process which was needed to make a finished record, “I knew my music didn’t sound like what was on the vinyl I was buying, but I just didn’t know why.â€?

It wasn’t till he got his job in a local call centre that he could really start to build his studio up, it enabled him to buy the equipment he needed as well as buying records, a car, and fund his new found clubbing habit.

Although he had been to some clubs and events before, it wasn’t until Bugged Out! moved to cream that Carl, along with his brother and friends found their clubbing home, they only missed 2 events in over 2 years, impressed with the music, the sound system, and lighting, Carl says “We were proper addicts! First in and last to leaveâ€?

He got his first break when he won an F Communications competition to remix Laurent Garniers “Greedâ€? a few years ago. It was Garnier’s seal of approval, and the fact that Mary Anne Hobbs was playing his tracks on her Radio One Breezeblock show, that actually prompted him to start sending out demos to record companies.

Bugged Out! responded, leading to 2002’s “Exileâ€? / “Space Discoâ€? 12-inch. “It was great to get some music out with them seeing as I spent most of my clubbing time in there.â€?

Since then he’s had another record out under the name Auterform on the Room Tone label and a follow up release on Bugged Out called “Staticâ€? / “Compulsionâ€? which has again received a great response from DJ’s and press alike.

We will see more releases from Carl under both Auterform & his own name “Its an interesting time for music that’s for sure, new technology is coming into DJing all the time & digital downloads are taking off with some independents getting it together on that front as well, I’m definitely excited about the futureâ€? one things certain, what ever the format or means of distribution this is just the start for Carl Taylor.