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Mr. Think outside the box has brought his views to the dj booth, walking a fine line between trouble and mayhem. The Swedish native still has the europeean gift of music in his DNA, a gift long over looked and hidden to even his own knoweledge is on his way to save the day.

The South Florida club sceene has lost some motivation, ALL the local “in” spots are playing the SAME exact stuff. What ever happen to the dj’s who read the crowd and was willing to play a full 6 hr set?

Time to go back to the roots d-.-b

A Self motivated up and coming surprise out of south Florida

djCapital T still belives in the old way of rocking a venue, long sets that flow in harmonics and has a build, a purpose and controls the masses. The dj’s JOB is to grab them at the root of their senses and give them something to talk about untill the next appearence. The over flow of “electro” has made the nights of mayhem seem very linear, I came through the ropes when music took control over your emotions and the dj was in charge of the music.. I rarely come across the talent (or maybe its a lack of motivation) that sees this and completley twists your mind. I know people still want that twisted roller coaster ride, some just forgot that it was there.. The reactions from the floor and the looks on peoples faces, their body language and THE ENERGY from all those combined can not be matched in ANY way. This is still the ONLY motivation that drives the passion, a passion he shares with all of his fans.