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Capital Dilate

Geelong West, Australia

Hard Dance




Adelaide born Dana Culshaw aka Miss CAPITAL DILATE, had grasped performing and love of music at an age so young, that while most kids were planning their next toy;she was challenging and entertaining audiences all around the World. As a singer, pianinst, actor, dancer, Dana triggered a what-would-be ever growing,ever successful career. So very many stage musicals to african themed satirical dance-dramas, to a few television adds, to modelling, even to Australias first 6 week tour of europe as a choiristor-then releasing her first professional group cd;this was all acomplished by the age of just 17. Danas training continued so extensively on her return, maturing with courses at N.I.D.A, S.A casting, Australian College of Entertainment and two interstate moves to follow her newly found passion composing and DJing, she is also one of the fortunate people that has grasped the Worlds wants and needs. With her family, Dana has travelled 51 states of countries of the World, has seen and learnt from people from all walks of life.

From this lies her reason and inspiration to compose music and Dj to crowds-ranging from intimate gigs, to large numbered Rave Events.

With Dana aka Capital Dilates’ first professional gigs beginning in her home town Adelaide, Drum n Bass events, music and local Dj friends were her early trigger.

Advised by many talents eg, Djs;NOMAD ,Mark7, Wendel,MC Pab, Mr Odyssey, H-Bomb, NODDY!,Daniel aka MPK, Karim(UK) the list goes on; Dilate thought ‘Why keep being this overly eager Raver, why not take it(as shes’ always done and renowned for) to the next level!!

Grabbing together her first crate of Vinyl triggered her newly found passion and memorable gigs led the way for her move to Melbourne,Victoria; the place for her success in this business. With her Mentors Jason Midro, John Ferris, and Brendon aka SoulT; she was shown that DnBass wasnt just everything to challenge. Capital Dilate found herself in a style of music that broadend even her well trained modern and classical ear and knowledge of music. With the sounds, then later gigs, of BASS STATION and PHD, Raves such as TWO TRIBES,TRANSMISSION and PHARMACY; Capital Dilate now felt at home.

Miss DJ CAPITAL DILATE is a well known name in the Melbourne Music industry, always aims to please and does so with the greatest of ease. She is a DJ/Producer to be reckoned with and loves what she does!!To love what you do/is her greatest advice to all!

A true performer.

As Dana aka Capital Dilate continues her success and passion, she will eternally be gratefull to all those she works with and has worked for.


Who is she= Miss “Rockin” CapitalDilate