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Camilla Green

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Camilla Green distinguish herself in her dynamism and her liveliness. Australian born, she moved to Italy bringing fresh Australian pop influences.

It’s difficult to capture Camilla Green in just one frame.

Her eclectic sets are based on deep tracks; Techno, and house in its Chicago and Detroit shadings. This is above all evident in his music production, which to perfection mixes hypnotic techno sounds and more uplifting house beats. This variety is often enhanced by the many collaborations she sets up in her releases.

A flood difficult to defend. Never dramatic, never dark, she Expresses the joy of the dance floor and entertainment. “I am fascinated by the relationship that exists between me and the dance floor: We are not the sum of two separate things… It ‘s unbelievable! We are just a single entity. The dance floor understands if I’m happy or sad! The human element in this work is everything.”

Camilla Green now lives in Rome and in 2011 she joined Wonder Wet Records just for fun, posing for some cover label and collaborating on her project along with Sergio Picciaredda and Attilio Tucci.

“Music has its own language, it communicates only by the fact that it exists. But behind the music, there is always someone who produces it and who plays it”.