Cameron Van Peebles

Los Angeles, United States

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“Our goal as DJs on the decks is bigger than most people realize. Break boundaries, affect people’s body chemistry, make the crowd move and have the best time of their lives… but more importantly, when they look back on what you did that night during those 2, 3, 4 or 10 hours, they should say, ‘I get it’. A great DJ should tell a story in his or her sets.”


This classically trained musician and jazz saxophonist studied music from the age of 8. His whole world changed when he attended his first underground rave in early 1992 and Cameron Van Peebles knew right away that this movement in culture and music was not to be missed. He was a regular at events all over the country until founding the infamous Soul Fondue and Rhythm Funktion weeklies in 1997 in the height of the Chicago/Midwest scene.

Witnessing firsthand the crackdown on underground events that occurred during 1999, he closed the doors on his nights and returned to the place where he was born, Miami Beach, Florida.

Determined to influence the direction of the music rather than just the social scene, after 7 years of partying and founding a successful production company, he put all of his energy on the decks and never looked back. Cameron held seveal key residencies including a weekly at The Mission on South Beach before relocating to Los Angeles in late 2000.

Cameron quickly became a regular at desert raves and warehouse parties across Southern California and pioneered a new style of music far different than his Chicago House upbringing. He created a following with his intense Tribal Tech sets.

In early 2003, Cameron Van Peebles founded Sonic Licensing, a production music library and compiled one of the industry’s largest catalogs, with over 100 mainstream and underground music labels contributing material. Through this role he placed and cleared material for many media campaigns including California State Lottery, Honda America and AAA of Southern California.

Back in the clubs, Cameron is spinning a new vision of deep, thick beats layered with original productions and subtle re-edits to create a completely unique sound all his own. His recent refocusing has kept him very busy and gained him increased demand, landing him highly coveted residencies at Avalon Hollywood and EM Sundays, the biggest and most respected Saturday night and Sunday day parties in LA and arguably the west coast.