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Camelia & Delgado

Montevideo, Uruguay

House, Trance

Planeta Mix Records, surbeats records
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Camelia & Delgado is the name of the project of djs and producers Gonzalo Camelia and Fabián Delgado residents of Canelones, Uruguay. The music that identifies this duo is dance music and Eurodance.

The duo started June 1st , 2008 when they presented a remix contest by Beatport Store. That same year the board of Canelones Department decides to give them the mention of Canarios Destacados 2008 in Electronic Music.

Later on, they start with their own productions, and they first single was called “Tomorrow” performed by the Uruguayan vocalist Lucia Chucarro. That is when the Spanish label Planeta Mix Records took the song for sale in Spain and the rest of the world on CD and Digital. This label later would edit a compilation called Dance Station Vol.2 – including the single – distributed on CD and Digital, getting first place in sales at Junos´s digital store for over two weeks.

Completing year 2008, they were invited to join the largest dj´s meeting of electronic music in Uruguay, called the “Open Park”. In early 2009 Universal Music Austria includes to the song “Tomorrow” in his compilation “Super Italia” that it would do it also “Italo Mega Dance” for the Agenda Records of the same country.

In December of that year they edited for the Netherlands “Desire in the park” a track used in the e-flyer of the “Open Park 2009”. This event puts up the duo on main stage, sharing a spot with djs of great national and international experience. Immediately after Planeta Mix Records edited a new track including “Good or Bad”, paying by Lucia Chucarro, who gets for the second time of the first position in Juno´s store, UK.

After that, they were called to make a remix with the track “The Whistle”, a song that Universal Music and Vale´s music includes in one of the best compiled and Spain rename as “Super Ventas” in 2010 version; including the best pop and dance artist being edited to Andorra, Spain and worldwide CD and Digital exceeding copies.

At the middle of the year they made a remix of Jackie Sagana called “Rock It” that it would be included in Vol 2. Rock it (The Remixes) Edit by Universal Music.

August, 2010 they received an award by Z FM Radio Station, of " best electronic music".

At the same time they were called one more time for the 4th edition of the Open Park, were they would be sharing stage with the best djs all over the country such as, Fernando Picon, Ariel Perazzolli, Alejandro Dangiollio, Gabriel Rocha and Marcelo Castelli. After the Open Park event, they edited a new peace of work called Crazy Chords with the Uruguayan stamped of South Beats Records and their first EP called Simple in Clippers Sounds of Spain. Ending 2010, they edited in Mexico a remix that they were doing for Sandro Perez from Brazil of his song “Tango Bandido”, being a Tango and electronic fusion.

At the beginning of 2011 they were called to make a remix of the track “Candy Girl” by Millennium from Spain, Stamped by Blanco y Negro. Camelia and Delgado create a remix for Maurizio Gubellini, the 4th most important dj in Italy as they said in “the dj list” in 2009, by “I Believe” production also crated by Matteo Sala and Lizzie Curious vocal chords. Edited by Juicy Music of Robbie Rivera with the support of many artists like,Tiesto, Axwell, Sharam, Markus Schulz, Marco V, Flash Brothers, Jesse Vorn, Mark Brown, Stonebridge, Clamaran and Gorge Acosta.

The Camelia & Delgado’s shows are characterized by interaction with people as well as the respect for customers.


2008 Award “Canarios Destacados”

2010 Best electronic music awarded by the FM Z.


Singles and EPs

2009 Camelia & Delgado feat Lucia Chucarro – Tomorrow (Planeta mix Records) 2009 Camelia & Delgado – Desire in the park – (Beaze Records) 2010 Camelia & Delgado feat Lucia Chucarro – Simple – (Clippers Sounds) 2010 Camelia & Delgado – Crazy Chords – (Sur Beat Records)

Official Remixes

2009 Khrys and Jluis_dj – I need you (Camelia & Delgado remix)- (Planeta Mix Records) 2009 Cristian Lavino – Rise Up (Camelia & Delgado remix) – (Planeta Mix Records) 2009 Tarquini – My life in paradise (Camelia & Delgado remix) – (Planeta Mix Records) 2010 Space Bouquet feat. Starhoney – The Whistle (Camelia & Delgado remix) – (Universal Music) 2010 Filter Cutz – Morning Bells (Camelia & Delgado remix) – (Heritage Records) 2010 Jackie Sagana – Rock It (Camelia & Delgado remix) – (Universal Music) 2010 Sandro Peres feat Lucax – Tango Bandido (Camelia & Delgado remix) (Liquid Cherry Mexico) 2011 Millennium – Candy Girl (Camelia & Delgado remix (Blanco y Negro) 2011 Maurizio Gubellini vs Matteo Sala feat Lizzie Curious – I believe (Camelia & Delgado remix) (Juicy Music)

Participation in Compilations

2009 Super Italia Vol.34 – (Universal Music) 2009 Dance Station Vol2 – (Planeta mix Records) 2009 Italo Mega Dance Vol.16 -(Agenda Records) 2010 Planeta mix hits Vol.01- ( Planeta mix records) 2010 Italo Mega Dance Vol.17 – (Agenda Records) 2010 Superventas 2010 – (Universal Music – Vale Music)