Cam Beatport


Paris-born hip-hop artist Laurent Daumail , aka DJ Cam, is one of a number of French artists adding elements of acid jazz, dub and soundtracks to beats and samples to create the thinking-man’ version of hip-hop. His minimalist downbeat instrumental hip-hop bears closer resemblance to Mo’Wax artists like DJ Shadow and DJ Krush than the funk-laden tracks spinning Stateside. Though his detractors accuse him of being lazy rather than elegantly spare with his beats, and he faces the added handicap of being a white hip-hopper in a racially polarized French music scene, his sound has won adherents in the U.S. and Japan. His debut, 1994’ “Underground Vibes,” was followed by a live recording for the Inflammable label (a rare "live"recording in the genre.) This version, called “Underground Live”, featured extended remixes and new material. Both albums were reissued in America as the single CD “Mad Blunted Jazz.”

In 1996 DJ Cam was featured on the Mo’Wax compilation “Headz 2”. released “Substances” on Inflammable in 1997 and the next year made his major-label debut on Columbia Records with "The Beat Assassinated.