Calvin Tang


From his beginnings as a DJ in 1995, Calvin Tang quickly rose to become one of the most well traveled American DJs. Starting out as a resident for Groovetribe in Portland, ... read more


Location: United States United States

From his beginnings as a DJ in 1995, Calvin Tang quickly rose to become one of the most well traveled American DJs. Starting out as a resident for Groovetribe in Portland, OR, he eventually started his own production company, Phronesis Productions, based in Seattle, WA. Until about 1997 he played mostly on the West Coast and in British Columbia, Canada. He then grew more famous as he started a clubnight called [email protected] Limit in Victoria, BC with Lori the Hifi Princess (now residing in Graz, Austria). His worldwide presence began with his weekly residency at, one of the first online radio stations. Although his music was slowly spreading to the furthest corners of the globe, Calvin still could not stray far from home, while finishing his degree in Premedical Sciences at Seattle University. For the time being, he was content to play shows for Alien Farm (now Abducted Productions) alongside performers such as Adam Starr (Pioneer Records). Through hard work, or perhaps strokes of luck, he was able to find influences from playing alongside artists like Moby and Juno Reactor in his earlier days. Later on, random openings for acts like Rage Against the Machine and The Long Beach Dub Allstars (formerly Sublime) brought diversity and temper to his repertoire as a mixologist.

In 1998 Mr. Tang decided to take a break from DJing so he could concentrate on his education and research in biochemistry. After his first retirement (he has had a couple), he decided to come back into play with Neotribe Records, based in Victoria BC, his old stomping grounds. Finding his old mixing fingers again, Calvin proceeded to take the world by storm in the next few years. Perhaps having built a small reputation overseas from his pre-college performances in Western Europe, or having the benefit of a fresh outlook on music after a long break, Mr. Tang was well received by the new crowds he began to play to. His DJing brought him to most major US and Canadian cities quickly and consistently over ensuing two years while he finished his studies.

June 2000, Calvin Tang graduates. Now unhindered by a schedule that requires him to be back to class for Monday morning exams, Calvin decides to take to the road (er, sky that is). Beginning that summer, Mr. Tang begins his journeys through Downunder, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. In just over two years he has graced the turntables in over 25 countries at over 100 of the world’s most famous venues. From Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro to the Full Moon Party in Thailand and the Berlin Love Parade, Calvin Tang has struck audiences as fervorishly as he has fleetingly, leaving crowds open-mouthed while he flits off to the next venue and country. In all likelihood, if you heard him play last night, he is already on the other side of the planet by now. Adding to his complexity as a performer and traveler, Calvin Tang has begun his career as a journalist, writing a DJ column for Farang Magazine (based in Bangkok, Thailand), and also as an amateur archaeologist. What else to do with all the time overseas in beautiful and exotic locales? His photography comes out breathtakingly larger than life, and his words have convinced more than the stray backpacker to diverge from the planned course across Southeast Asia. Whether concurrently HeliSki guiding in the North Cascades, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, or slogging it through the mud with elephants on a Discovery Channel shoot, Mr. Tang is bound to cut and slice his way into your ears and minds. His weapon of choice: 12” vinyl records.