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Calvin Karass

Brighton, United Kingdom

Progressive House, Trance

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Described as one of the best kept secrets in the dance music industry in the South of England, the Swedish born DJ has a wealth of experience under his belt.

With over a quarter of a century behind the decks, this DJ has been around to see most major things happen in this industry including being a first hand witness to the rise to fame by many a young DJ and has even discovered and nurtured the talents of one or two names on the scene today.

He is a major contributor to the internet DJ scene and is also known as Nemesis44 on the Trance Addict Web site. Calvin is acknowledged as being responsible for the Harmonic mixing thread found on TAs forum which has even been referenced in DJ literature due to the quality of information.

These days, Calvin spends his time being a parent and in the studio often working with younger DJs who want to take a step into the world of music production.

Having had a string of releases on Supero recordings, he also has the odd remix floating around on Ocean Drive Records under the guise of ‘Nem’ which is an older producing name that he will occasionally adopt from time to time when he has a particular mood when writing music.

More recently Calvin has been working on an album where he says that you will see a combination of styles and there will be a lot more besides the trance sound that people have come to expect from this seasoned artist.

He still maintains regular appearances on the UK club circuit with the odd trip abroad thrown in for good measure.

When asked what he would still like to achieve Calvin is clear about his desire to play in the US. “This has been the one location that has eluded me” he says “and this feels like something I would like to do before I am done”.

Calvin has a knack for putting a lot of energy into his sets and has an uncanny ability to work out what the crowd want in a way that you rarely see from many of the younger DJs who have grown up with the idea of DJ being something of a superstar profession. Calvin Karass is definitely from the old school of DJs and was doing this long before a DJ was something you aspired to be. He prides himself on being an entertainer first and lives by the philosophy “if people are having a good time, then I am doing my job”.

I have seen him perform on several occasions in my life and I have always walked away afterwards wondering how someone so in touch with the music and so wrapped up in the moment never made it to the big time.

IF you see Calvin Karass on a flyer, go and see him, you will be glad you did.

Sam Harrington-Lowe

(Impact UK Magazine)