Top 25k on The DJ List


Chicago, United States

Progressive House


With a new generation of up and coming DJ’s to hit the electronic dance music scene, Caliendo’s sound of progressive house, assiduous track selection and flawless mixing has helped him stand out from the crowd. He single-handedly turned his dreams into reality with persistence and by staying true to himself rather than jumping on the next popular bandwagon. After experimenting his first two months on the decks he found the underground sound he was looking for: a fusion of chunky hard hitting Progressive with Tribal and Techno waves surrounded by an imagination of outer space manifests Caliendo’s style.

During his childhood, Caliendo’s love of electronic music started within various industrial genres. Some of his current inspirations still include music by Ministry, Meat Beat Manifesto and Skinny Puppy. His passion for dance music didn’t develop until he discovered the Chicago music scene in 2000. “I have always had a love for music and wanted to be part of it. Growing up as a kid, I was always mesmerized with distorted and warping sounds that seemed to mimic outer space and the possibilities of what only the mind could fathom. It was these mysterious sounds that gave one a feeling of tranquility and peace. These visions of the mind motivated me to use my music to energize and manipulate the crowd into a journey. Mixing the imagination of the future with a chunky bass line and hard hitting beats defines my goal.”

At the end of the summer of 2003, Caliendo formed the Chicago based promotions company, Play Co., with his crew of friends. Their goal is to promote the local underground scene and the music they love through off the beaten path events.

Working and gaining resident status with Mexico’s based promotions company, Global Trip, Caliendo’s sound has been introduced to another part of the world performing in Cancun and Acapulco playing alongside headliners such as Lee Burridge, Taylor, Kazell, and Kyaro: Sattva & Hac Le.

Caliendo is actively collaborating with others and aspires to learn to produce music as a natural evolution of his music career. His first exposure to music production was assisting on various productions with Kyaro, one of which included a remix of Patrick Turner’s “Styles”. Many opportunities continue to open up for this talented and motivated musician pushing him to take his vision as far as it can go.