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C Energy

Lustenau, Austria

Hardcore / Hard Techno

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Dj C-Energy aka DjFrost2002 has found his passion for electronic music in the age of 13. With 13 years he got the chance to play on a school-event of the Music School, which he attend for 4 years. He really enjoyed the gig and so he was allowed to play on smaller events like birthdays, summerparties and at youth meeting points.

In summer 2002 he got the permission to play in the Blaue Sau in Lustenau for the first time. From that time on he called himself Dj Frost 2002! In the following he made some kind of training under the attention of the former resident of the Blaue Sau.

2003 he was already one of the Residents and began to make the partypeople sweat! In the middle of 2003 a Resident leaves the Disco and a new Resident Dj came.

Together they made the main-dancefloor boom until Dj Frost 2002 get an offer to play in the youth meeting point “Full House” on a trance week. Without hesitate he get all his Dj friends together. The trance week was a big success.

2004 he made a break of one year to bild a dj team (called Cosmic Industry), produce tracks and organize parties. Together with his partner Dj Flatliner (who has his one label called Orange Dragon Inc.) he start producing.

And then the time has come! The comeback with the new artist name “Cosmic Energy” take place on the first inofficial Angel World.

Together with Dj Toombstone and some other friends they celebrate a really special party!

A short time after, he played on the Klangwelt 2005 and organized own events.

In the middle of 2005 Cosmic Energy plays in several clubs in Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Spain. In September 2005 he start to play on several events in the Blaue sau again.

2006: The artist name Cosmic Energy was too long, so he decided to rename himself into Dj C-Energy, a shorter form of the former name.

Now Dj C-Energy is a new and famous Hardstyle and Hardcore Dj in region Vorarlberg/Germany/Switzerland.

In january 2006 he organized the mega party Angel World (the first official!). As guest come the best Djs in Austria, the Blaue Sau Residents and Dj Rex from the Discotec Darling.

In co-operation with the best Djs from Vorarlberg like Infinity, Floordancer, Overdose, Fallout and his Partner Dj Flatliner he plays on better events than before.

NOW! DjC-ENERGY is one of the most favourite Djs in Austria! Produced live Sets organized his own Events, produce own tracks and have big fun to be on Stage to rock your bodies ;-)