Patrick Klein as his real name, was born in 1984 in Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg). It all started in 1995 as it the very first time with a good old friend on an old Ya... read more
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Location: Karlsruhe, Germany Germany
Genre: Trance
Labels: Eyereflex Records

Patrick Klein as his real name, was born in 1984

in Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg).

It all started in 1995 as it the very first time with a good old friend on an old Yamaha keyboard

and a Commodore 64, the first tracks or tapes bastellte and created.

But really, he developed the desire and passion to Elecronischen Music and as for producing

only really through his brother was then 1997th

They began to incorporate into the world of Ejay and they had so much fun … =)

Sorry, can we noticed after some time the work is so limited!

Which of course slowed the fun and motivation!

Because Patrick had his daily life and maybe even just 13 years was too young at the step

to go it alone in terms of his production skills to work with a Professional Music Program.

His brother, unfortunately, not found the time to do so was clearly a break was needed!

Later, after 10 years was senior Patrick itched him from time to time more and more back in his fingers and ears …

By advertising on television via a Diverse Community gennant Uptrax hobby where you can upload your own music

and one based on the rankings chart his knowledge or progress as at

My opinions may obtain bums or was it another step for him.

As it is still mostly the same to which he was acting Genere Large (Trance), it was for him as a character.

So he began again to all active operate what was then in early 2007.

He was there and won new friends for themselves, where they compose about that and the products consist of

maintained and exchanged.

Due to the chance of a good friend today, who sent him midi files to create a remix for him

Patrick oppurtunities to use the new studio in his first settle!

After him a track name, Dream World So impressed he could stand it no more and therefore started to cut into buttons.

4 weeks later followed the upload and 1-2 week after the first results.

Dream World Part II (Bycue Area-Mix) was created and from zero to third place Electronica Uptrax charts.

That is, he has thus a place for radio play at Sunshine live saved!

This reinforced the mood and motivation, of course, for more … =)

Every free minute or second in his spare time he had, he used to further develop, piece by piece!

2009 it was actually far and Patrick Klein aka Bycue signs his first recording contract with

(Eyereflex Records)

It was followed by the first official track releases on various online music portals, including:

Trance Mission,Trance For Life, Reality, New Mountain, Differnet Ways, Pursuit of Happyness …

To be continued!