Top 25k on The DJ List



Progressive House, Trance


Butterflydemian is one of the best djs and producers.

He plays in big festivals and events across the world. Also he’s the owner of dreamworld promotions and owner of butterfly booking agency and magic mushrooms records. Butterfly booking agency is the biggest agency in east europe. His music its a trip to universe. Melodic trance with tunes of house and techno music. Butterflydemian explore the music with a trip to nowhere… Butterflydemian is the Biggest Greek promoter and manager. He organizes some of the best festivals and he s manager for many top world djs.

He start like a music producer in the radio in 1985.He start djing in 1990 and 2001 make dreamworld promotions.

2005 he made butterfly booking agency and magic mushrooms records…

He’s a big vinyl collector. He has one of the biggest and best vinyl music collections.100 000 vinyls. The most of them are collectors items.