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A Music Entertainer that is capable of DJ’ing, Hosting and Designing, who specializes in the Genres of House and Dancehall. His Intentions are to show ravers the quality of Mixing and Blending you can get from Different and Unique riddims..

Bushman started DJ’ing at the age of 18 years old, and after 6 months was getting his first booking. As a versatile DJ of all genres even including a memorable trip to Nottingham (where he first met Riyad Juno). This optimism gave Bushman a foundation and he then decided his skills to concentrate on his 2 loves, House and Dancehall.

Being based in Portsmouth has made Bushman strive and struggle to connect the links with other DJ’s, Prodcuers and Hosts, but from a personal view has done enough over the 3 years to impress the people he has needed to.

At the age of 23 he has found his forte and will strive to become the best he can be…