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Burak & Emre

Istanbul, Turkey


Equinox Recordings, White Soho
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Trance DJ & production duo consisting of Burak Ahmet Akçay and Emre Akçay from Istanbul, Turkey. Owners of Ternary Recordings.

Burak and Emre are two brothers from Istanbul. They met Trance Music in 2001 with the video of Trance Energy 2001. After that, they found themselves forever in the world of Trance Music. Burak performed as a professional DJ in several clubs when he was in college. In the mean time Emre was studying production. In 2009 Burak came back to Istanbul and two brothers got back into action and they built a little studio for their performances. Their first attempt was to work on a radio show.

In 2010 they aired their first show on Trance Fm. Their demo sets were liked by many DJs. In 2013 they released their first single ‘Tonight’ with Hazem Beltagui Remix on White Soho. Second release ‘Revival’ released on Equinox Recordings with TrancEye Remix in lately in 2013. In March of 2014 they have made remix for ‘White Devil’ by Frank Dattilo on their own label Ternary Recordings and this release entered the Beatport Top 100 releases list. After that they made remix for ‘SOMA’ by Kenan Teke and they the Beatport Top 100 list again.

Their last single ‘Reveal Yourself’ featured on Giuseppe Ottaviani pres. #GOONAIR Compilation on Go On Air Recordings and released on 13th October 2014.

Their future plans are to be everlasting in the Trance Music and to play Tech Trance, Uplifting and Progressice Trance.